1 year Summary of FoodieBackpacker Dinners


Since I am back from FoodieBackpacker 1st Year Celebration Tour. I wanted to write a post and thank to the wonderful people
who has hosted me in their homes, in their kitchens and helped me during my trips in this 13months and surely to everyone who follows and supports.

I feel myself so lucky that I could manage to build huge trust between me and the amazing community over here. This gives me courage and strength to keep on with my journey.

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I love cheese!
It is even more than that. If there were 3 things that I was to choose eating till the end of my life, one would be cheese.
While I was checking for activities in Amsterdam, I saw a cheese tasting event with a wine pairing and it didn’t even take 2mins to register and pay..

I was quite lucky that we were only 2 who joined the tasting that day, so it was more like a private lesson. Thanks to Anne, we learned a lot about cheese. Continue Reading

Bicycles of Amsterdam


For the majority, Amsterdam is famous with RedLight District which means prostitution and drugs.. You know what? The city is much more than that.. and believe it or not, it is so peaceful..
The moment you come in front of the main station, you see the bicycle parking area and you understand that it is the bicycle capital :)
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A day at Vapiano Amsterdam


It was such a nice surprise when Vapiano Amsterdam Rembrandtplein‘s manager, Karlijn invited me in to give me a tour and to let me enjoy cooking my own pizza and pasta while I was in Amsterdam..

Well, I surely accepted the invitation because first of all Vapiano is a restaurant that I’ve already ate couple of times in Istanbul & Belgrade and I like their concept. Second, I professionally find it exciting that they can serve the exact same quality and taste in different countries. Since we are not talking about factorized burgers & fries but we are talking about pasta,pizza &salad which are freshly prepared right at the place, it is quite a big Continue Reading

Milano: Dinner for New Girls


I usually try saving time on making researches about bloggers and media contacts in each city that I visit. I did the same for Milan and NewGirls were in front of me through couple of different resources. I checked their blog and even though I do not understand much Italian than Pizza and Pasta, they seemed cool to me.. Couple of blogger girls writing about different things such a fashion, travel and food comes together and they call theirselves NewGirls. I bookmarked the page and then sent them an email to do something together while I am in Milan. The day after I was searching for a host in Milan on CouchSurfing and I saw a profile, written “Blogger on NewGirls”, Cmoooon, wtf? you gotto me kidding me.. How many times in 2 days I can see this name. I surely sent her a msg, saying that Sara! You are meant to be my host in Milan:) Continue Reading