Cooking for my Favorite Place


Before continuing my posts about my previous tour, I need to make a pause and tell you about my biggest event so far which was last Sunday (August 3rd, 14′)

Sanja, the manager of Jazz Bašta-Belgrade sent me an email 2,5 months ago, saying that she has seen I was in Belgrade,  pity that I haven’t came to Bašta, would I consider coming back and cook for them for one night.. I was surprised and flattered because my favorite spot in Belgrade was offering to book me without knowing that I was already one of their good customers :)
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Best Pasta – Felice a Testaccio / Rome



My story about Felice is a perfect example to show my passion about food. Just like the previous post, the story goes to 2 years back. Felice was on top of my list for the pasta, but I couldn’t make it. I went till the door of the restaurant, but the answer was “we are closing in 5mins”. Thanks to the lady that gave us the directions in the tram, we were late and that was our last chance to try Felice. But right after that answer, I turned to my ex and said, I will come back to Rome even just to try this place with or without her and I was serious.

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Best Pizza – La Gatta Mangiona / Rome



2 years ago, I was gonna meet with my ex-girlfriend in Rome and I was searching for where to eat the best pizza and where to eat the best pasta. I trust Turkish gourmet, Vedat Milor‘s advices all by my heart and his spot for pizza in Rome was “La Gatta Mangiona“. Somewhere out of the touristic circle, somewhere that does not even have an English menu… Somewhere with dozens of pizza choices, perfect beers and delicious house wine.

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Short Escape – Gaeta / ITALY



Since Lisa and Massi were gonna host me for 2 nights and I had 4 nights to spend before heading to Budapest from Rome. I decided to check my options for somewhere seaside. After doing some research and asking to locals, I chose Gaeta, a small seaside town which is 120km to Rome. Why Gaeta? Less touristic it was and also had sandy beaches..

I decided to take the early morning train which was at 05:30, so I could easily spend the day eating Pizza drinking wine and later go for some drinks and take the train without needing a place to stay for the night.

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Last Minute Decision: Rome


If you remember, I mentioned about a wonderful couple from Rome that came to EatWith me in Istanbul. Lisa & Massi. We kept in touch and one day I’ve recieved a loooong facebook msg from them asking me to cook for their wedding in Florida! Such an honour for me. Of course I said yes and we started to discuss the conditions. I ‘ve already had scheduled my next tour which was Budapest-Prague-Belgrade by then, but I still haven’t had bought the ticket, so I said to myself Continue Reading