Wonderful Family in Utrecht


All of my hosts and dinners are surely mean a lot to me, but there are some that are a bit more special which is like the one in Utrecht, Netherlands..
I had no idea I was to be cooking for such a special family dinner when Gerben contacted me. Most of my dinners are like friends gatherings and totally for fun.. But this one in Utrecht had a “meaning” for the family.

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As most of you have noticed, I used the hastag ‪#‎unrushyourworld‬ during my latest Germany tour . Well, It was a warmup for a cooperation of FoodieBackpacker with Yeni Rakı which is confirmed now.

The reason why I started my journey, focusing on happiness, my way of living, the food I serve and my dinner concept of “slow food” and “sharing” match perfectly with YeniRakı’s #unrushyourworld motto.

“Let’s stop and think – what if we would take more time for things that matter? Inspirational pauses where you can look around and take it all in.”

From now on,-thanks to this cooperation-, I will be able to travel more, lower my dinner prices, reach to more people and share more with you.


#unrushyourworld ‪#‎eatwell‬‪#‎traveloften‬


Planning Rest of 2015




I could never be a guy to work in a proper way. I don’t like to work on a desk, my hand writing sucks and I have my own “unique” way of being organized…:)

Planning the rest of 2015… Netherlands, UK, Greece, Austria, Germany, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Hong Kong and Cambodia to go.

1 year Summary of FoodieBackpacker Dinners


Since I am back from FoodieBackpacker 1st Year Celebration Tour. I wanted to write a post and thank to the wonderful people
who has hosted me in their homes, in their kitchens and helped me during my trips in this 13months and surely to everyone who follows and supports.

I feel myself so lucky that I could manage to build huge trust between me and the amazing community over here. This gives me courage and strength to keep on with my journey.

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I love cheese!
It is even more than that. If there were 3 things that I was to choose eating till the end of my life, one would be cheese.
While I was checking for activities in Amsterdam, I saw a cheese tasting event with a wine pairing and it didn’t even take 2mins to register and pay..

I was quite lucky that we were only 2 who joined the tasting that day, so it was more like a private lesson. Thanks to Anne, we learned a lot about cheese. Continue Reading