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I wrote 7 of my favorite street food in 7 cities around Europe..

Bon Appetit ;)

Den Haag – Dungelmann

Address: Hoogstraat 34

I really love croquettas and the ones at Dungelmann was the best one I ate so far.. The ones with prawns is to die for!

€3 each

Zagreb – Pingvin :

Address: Nikola Tesle 7

You were out drinking and late nite eating is the best thing ever, right? Pingvin is the best place for that in Zagreb with its location and various choices of sandwiches. This also is a melting pod of all kinds of clubbing crowds.

Prosciutto Sandwich: €3

Bucharest – Covata cu Bunatati

Address: Unirii Square

It was my first time in Bucharest. I took the airport bus to the center and on the spot that the bus dropped me off in the center, I’ve seen a long que in front of some bakery. Well all of us knows what long ques in front of food mean, right? Cheap, Tasty or both..

Covata cu Bunatati certainly is both.

Prices starting from €0,35 , yes 0.35…!

Belgrade – Pizza Pizza

Address:  Braće Krsmanovića 3

After more than 10 trips to Belgrade, if there is one thing I’ve learned about it is, you can not run away from pizza slices. If there is no way to run away from it, then you surely will need to enjoy it.

After tasting almost all major slice pizza spots, Pizza Pizza happened to me my favorite. The cheese, the dough and the oven.. Also standing right in the middle of Sava Mala district is also a plus

One slice for €1


Budapest – Central Market Hall

Address: Vámház krt. 1-3

Ok, it is a bit touristic, but this place is really worth seeing and while you are there, what you need to try is “Langos”, famous Hungarian food. Just take a walk in the market and when you get tired, take the stairs up and enjoy one of the Langos kiosks

Langos starting from €2

Brussels – ABC Poissonnerie

Address: Rue Sainte-Catherine 46

Ahhh, Brussels and seafood..

ABC is standing right accross the famous Nordzee Mer du Nord. They are the same concept, Seafood Tapas Bar which you order to the bar on the street and eat on the bar. Nordzee is usually over crowded and takes time to order and eat while ABC is more easy. I wouldn’t say the taste is so way different and also ABC is cheaper.. I think I’ve said enough..:)

fish choices, mussels, prawns, shells and all.. starting from €4


Vienna – Strandhaus

Address: Naschmarkt

There are some days that I spoil myself and the day I ate oysters as they are street food at “Strandhaus in Naschmarkt” was one of them. I left my hostel to eat something cheap. While I was searching for some decent sandwich in Naschmarkt, the famous green market of Vienna, I saw a sign with an offer written on it, “6 Oysters and 1 glass of prosecco for 17,5 euros” .. Well, “cheap” is discussable, right? :) So, I took the offer.


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