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When I decided Belgrade to be my next destination, I was thinking to throw only 1 EatWith dinner, but Belgrade loved the idea so much that I had to make it 2. Maybe if I had thrown a 3rd  one, that also would be sold out! Thanks a lot Belgrade.

First dinner was in a brand new design hostel in Belgrade, YOLOstel. I was not planning to do this dinner over there. My idea was to stay there for a night before moving to my friends’s place, and take some photos for my article on,
but the place was so cute and the owners were so cool that I couldn’t help myself to ask if we can do it there..

Second dinner was in a flat which I usually stay when I go to Belgrade, the dining table of the flat was only 6, but the dinner was for 10. Thanks god I was in Belgrade and I have enough friends and connections to solve such problems. How I solved it? I borrowed Irena&Ivana’s dining table, my fellow friend Sonja who is renting flats in Belgrade brought chairs, plates and helped me to carry the table. It was not easy, but somehow I could manage to do it. Thank you girls, you are the best:)

So, here is the my menu for Belgrade people followed by the photos from the dinners. Enjoy :)

PS: if you want me also to stop by your city, and EatWith me, feel free to send your requests to

Feta Cheese /
Eggplant and Yogurt Salad /
Chilli Tomato Salad /
Borek with Pastirma and Cheese /
Almond Rice Pilaf /
Stew (Quince and Lamb) /
Helva in Oven/
2 glasses of Turkish Raki (Traditional Turkish Drink)



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