Best Pasta – Felice a Testaccio / Rome

My story about Felice is a perfect example to show my passion about food. Just like the previous post, the story goes to 2 years back. Felice was on top of my list for the pasta, but I couldn’t make it. I went till the door of the restaurant, but the answer was “we are closing in 5mins”. Thanks to the lady that gave us the directions in the tram, we were late and that was our last chance to try Felice. But right after that answer, I turned to my ex and said, I will come back to Rome even just to try this place with or without her and I was serious.

And there I was…
You can imagine how high my expectations were after such an experience 2 years ago.. First, I tried the most simple, the oldest way of pasta. “Tonnarelli Cacio e Pepe” , black pepper and cheese. Second, I tried, “Mezze Maniche alla Amatriciana”, bacon,pecorino and chilli. Then later came “Tiramisu”.

Guys, this “Cacio e Pepe” here is something! It was unbelievably amazing. They totally know what they are doing.. Just like I was told, it is the best paste ever..! “Maniche alla Amatricana” was also delicious, but I think just because of the other one, it is not getting the credits in here now. When it comes to “The Tirausu”, I can easily say that, that also was the best one I’ve ever ate..

The restaurant is borned in 1936, by¬†Felice Trivelloni. The guy that I’ve just found out that Roberto Benigni wrote a poem for. I think our tastes are so similar with Roberto Benigni since he was eating in my best pizza place while I was there and he wrote a poem for the founder of Felice.. :)

45,5 Euros for 2 pastas, 2 glasses of wine, Tiramisu and a liqueur.. Please don’t spend your time and money in the touristic trap restaurants in the center of Rome.. Go to Felice!



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    Posted at 16:56h, 22 October Reply

    Felice…….it’s awesome! Thanks for the story! Indeed, go to Felice

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