Best Pizza – La Gatta Mangiona / Rome

2 years ago, I was gonna meet with my ex-girlfriend in Rome and I was searching for where to eat the best pizza and where to eat the best pasta. I trust Turkish gourmet, Vedat Milor‘s advices all by my heart and his spot for pizza in Rome was “La Gatta Mangiona“. Somewhere out of the touristic circle, somewhere that does not even have an English menu… Somewhere with dozens of pizza choices, perfect beers and delicious house wine.

After such a perfect first experience, when I had the chance to travel back to Rome, that place was again on the top of my list.. It is great to see that nothing has changed. Well, now they have
an English menu, but since it still was not touristic, not a problem at all…

The big thing of the night was Roberto Benigni eating 2 tables ahead. Well, the Oscar winner Italian eating in the best pizzeria of Rome, shouldn’t be a surprise :) I wish I could take a photo of him, but I neither wanted to disturb him nor wanted to act like a papparazzi..

If you are in Rome, La Gatta Mangiona is something not to miss..


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