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The number of Bucharest people have always been in first 3 in my followers list since I started FoodieBackpacker. That’s why Bucharest was always in my to do list, but visa issues were the reason keeping me back. When I’ve learned that Romania now accepts Schengen Visas, I moved it to the top of the list. The big number of followers did not fool me for sure. As soon as I started boosting a notice that I will be in Bucharest, I got so many people excited about it. People were offering me their kitchens, offering to host me for couple of days, texting me show me around.. Such a good feeling it is.

Thanks to Roxana and Ramona, they both offered me their kitchens. I was sure it is going to be a crowded dinner, so I took the one with a bigger dining table -size metters- and while working on organizing and selling the dinner, I’ve got another text from Alexandra asking for a private dinner. I do love private dinners a lot, because I always can be more creative about the menu and it surely is a extra income that I do not plan to have :)

My public dinner was a sit-down dinner  for 14 people, -thanx god, sold out again- with the Turkish menu which has Ezme Salad, Hummus, Muhammara, Hunkar Begendi and Helva in it, and the private dinner was an open buffet with seafood. Here are some photos from the dinners, I love it when everyone is happy..:)



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