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First of all I have to say that, Budva in touristic season is not a place for me in general. Ok, the girls are “wow” as expected, but it is like the living room of certain type of Serbian people, who are there to show off and the people who are trying to be fancy.. I have no problems with fancy, don’t get me wrong, but when “trying to be fancy” places and “trying to be fancy” people meet, it really doesn’t make sense. -well, maybe it does. A perfect match?-

Groups of girls and groups of guys at some “you need to open a bottle to get a bar table” places, staring at each other all night without dancing.. Cmon people, have some fun!

Altough Budva in general is not my place to be, as always, I could find my spots and could manage to turn my trip something good at the end.


Restaurant Porto: I guess this is the best restaurant of Budva. Really good,fresh seafood and a good wine list. Also interestingly good service compared to other places. The waiter that served us was kind and entertaining which made our time at Porto better. 3 of us paid around 90 euros for mussels, squids, a really big mixed seafood plate and a bottle of wine..



Oblatno Beach – Albana Beach Club: This place is


Top Hill: It is the most famous club in the region. After 1am, everyone around goes there. As an ex-night club owner, this place was exciting for me, because of its great sound and light systems and its hugeness, but apart from that, it is not a place to have fun for me. We stayed for about 45 mins. The music was not that good and the crowd is again NOT DANCING.. As I told you, it is not my type, but if you are around it is something to see.

*as the girl whom I met in Budva was in charge of taking pics on Tophill Night and as later she didn’t give a shit to my texts asking for the pics, these pics are from Tophill’s facebook page and from scandal.rs

** an edit a month later – she literally doesn’t like me for some reason

*** an edit 2 hours later – we are not friends on facebook anymore:)


Casper: I’ve mentioned about my friend Tamara before -the cool serbian girl- . She is the one who told me to go to Casper. I really appreciate her, because if Casper did not exist, my Budva trip could have been a disaster. The only cool club in Budva. It is a nice garden in the old city, with cool crowd and great gigs everyday. As there is not any other cool place in town, all the people who hates showing off and who loves dancing comes here. I was there 4 nights in a row, met with lots of awesome people, made friends, listened great music and so on.. A big hug and thanks to Casper crew.

Also I had the privilage to listen to Dj LEFTO in here. I’ll write some about him later. Such a musician he is!



PS: Tamara, this is the last time I’m kissing your ass in this blog, just so you know.. enjoy it! :)

Altough the nearest airport to Budva is in Tivat, as the only direct flight from Istanbul to Montenegro is to Podgorica Airport, I needed a 70km drive to Budva.. The bargain with taxi drivers started with 80 fucking euros! I could manage to have a deal for 50 euros after telling the guy that I’d rather go to the center and wait for a bus. I was happy with the deal, but when I arrived to Budva, I saw taxis with huge signs written “40euros to Podgorica airport”. So, don’t pay more than 40 if you ever go.. Taxi driver stories didn’t end up with this, they really are trying to fuck you hard when they see you are a tourist. One of them even tried to charge me 20euros for a 2,5 kms drive.. Whatever, I was lucky to have a driver’s phone number before going to Budva, who always charged the best prices. I can give his number if anyone asks..

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