Camping under Champagne Showers

 I could wake up before Petra’s call, had enough time to have first of my daily showers, packed my back pack and went to the meeting point.  After around 40mins drive with enough food&beverage to end the world hunger, there we were, at the birthday venue. While Petra was talking about the event, she was mentioning a small house, bbq, drinks, jacuzzi and asking people to bring swimming suits and tents.

I was trying to build up a picture in my mind before with Petra’s descriptions for the place, but I would and could never have imagined this!Imagine a small cottage in the woods, add bbq to that picture. Altough only bbq was even more than enough for a “meat person” like me,  a big outdoor jacuzzi placed in front of the cottage, facing to Slovenia view and a huge bar full of vodka, whiskey, gin and champagne..? Damn!  These guys do have a taste and style on living!
The birthday started with few drinks as it supposed to, then the girls did the bbq – which could never be an issue in Turkey – after getting enough alcohol into our bloods, it was the time for the jacuzzi. The weather was freezing to get in swiming suits, so there came the “who has the biggest balls” part. Petra and I had them.. but it was a bit tricky because harder part was not getting in, it was getting out of the jacuzzi. Well, we didn’t… we couldn’t leave till getting drunk enough for loosing the conciousness for freezing..
Sleeping in tents and shitting in the woods, but having champagne showers in a jacuzzi. This was a life time memory and such an inspiring concept of living good!
Ahhh and yes, they LOVED my food ;)
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