Cooking for my Favorite Place

Before continuing my posts about my previous tour, I need to make a pause and tell you about my biggest event so far which was last Sunday (August 3rd, 14′)

Sanja, the manager of Jazz Bašta-Belgrade sent me an email 2,5 months ago, saying that she has seen I was in Belgrade,  pity that I haven’t came to Bašta, would I consider coming back and cook for them for one night.. I was surprised and flattered because my favorite spot in Belgrade was offering to book me without knowing that I was already one of their good customers :)

I said I totally would consider and we had the deal and scheduled it to the end of my tour.. Somehow we had to postpone it to August and here I was again, in Belgrade.. Well I can’t say that the conditions in the kitchen was the best since Bašta is not a restaurant but a Jazz Bar, but I enjoyed every single moment of the work. I’ve served 5 different mezes from Turkish Cuisine for around 90 people and I suppose more than 100 people came to Bašta that evening.

Cooking for my favorite spot in Belgrade and serving my food with Jazz will be unforgettable. Here are some photos :)



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