Cooking the night

 I always find/make up a reason to visit Croatia over and over. Petra’s invitation to her birthday party in Poklek, near Slovenian border was a great reason to set a new trip.

It was Thursday evening when I could make it to Zagreb. Thanks god, the guy to the apartment, Hrvoje, was kind enough to pick me from the bus terminal. I was again lucky as always on finding a rental through with easy-going, nice owner.We entered to the apartment. Right after I saw the big couch and the tv in front of it, I said I don’t even need the whole apartment. Kitchen and this couch will do more than enough..As I would be meeting up with Petra and her friends on Friday by noon for the birthday, I was trying to plan my night. I had few things to do.

1-Don’t miss the Thursday party at Pepermint 
2-Cook something for Petra’s birthday

“Should I go to the party, wake up early in the morning, do the shopping and cook??

My decision was, going to the party, leaving around 3am, doing the shopping, starting to cook and sleeping till Petra’s call.
Some may say that I am insane for not just discarding one of those, but no.
Not going to the party? Are you kidding me? Thursday are good at Pepermint..
Not cooking? Especially for such a nice, positive and easy going girl who even honoured me with asking me to do the playlist to her birthday..? No way!
I was not sure if there was a sarcasm when she told me that only she, her father and me share this taste of music but, my playlist was played whole night. So I guess she really is ok with my taste.

After unpacking and getting ready, I was at Pepermint by midnight, ordering my usual, vodka soda and feeling goood. Pepermint is one of the best spots in Zagreb for some random chats and for some dancing with non-trash music. 3 maybe 4 vodka sodas, some chats by the bar and it was time for shopping. – If somehow you have this feeling to do some supermarket shopping at a ridicilious time of the day, Konzum in Importane Centar is open 24/7  -I can bet that I looked a bit weird, picking potatoes and tomatoes while people were buying sandwiches and beers at 3am, but it was ok..
Peeling 2kg of potatoes and 2kg of tomatoes ,cooking a huge potato salad and making preparations for a Turkish salad would look even more weirder but thanks god I was alone in the kitchen..Cooking for 2 hours in a kitchen which is not mine for 20 people at 3:30am?? Honestly, it was still fun for me. I simply love it.
Also in this case there was another fact that it was also a good opportunity for showing new people my cooking skills and for getting the credits. :) whatever..


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