Deciding Budva

I had no idea even about where Budva is before my passion about Balkan countries started and made friends in Croatia and Serbia. After learning most of the Belgrade people going there every summer and especially, after seeing super hot girls and their super sexy squated bodies with their duck faced photos on instagram, I got more and more curious/excited about the place.. I had to see Budva and around..

My friend from Belgrade, Tamara -not a duck face, she is cool-, told me that she will be going to Montenegro right before I started begging her to take me too.. Thanks god, I was sticky enough and she was kind enough to feel she has to invite me and also her dates were perfectly matching to my schedule.

After a couple of days full of web surfing about what to do-where to go in Budva and Montenegro, Tamara texted me saying she has some bad news and she is not gonna make it to Montenegro which made me a bit upset and also curious. “was she trying get rid of me!??”

Well, I had already added Montenegro to my locations on My inbox was getting full with the threads about Montenegro and it was tempting. So, I had to go there, with or without a company..


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