deciding Moscow

When I decided to have another trip, the destinations in my mind were Brazil, South Africa, Thailand and Russia. Well, Brazil would be “once in a life time” location, so I said leave it, you’ll do it in Carnaval time later sometime. South Africa needs at least 15 days to travel around, and I had only a week, so it was also eliminated. After that point, deciding between Russia and Thailand was not that hard since tickets to Moscow costed only 190euros from Istanbul while to Thailand it was around 700.

February 3rd till 9th, Moscow! I was thinking to visit also St Petersburg, but even 6 nights wouldn’t be enough for me in Moscow, so next time..

Destination decided, now what? My to-do list was like this as usual:

– Contact with some locals

– Find out the what to see

– Arrange some lunch/dinner

– Find a place to stay

– Cook if possible.

Follow my posts to read how it went with my to-do list and my awesome experiences over there..


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