Eating Istanbul: Baldır

Starting with this one I’ll be posting my best spots to eat in Istanbul. I was thinking to do this for a while, but I was so busy to write and plan about my trips that I was always delaying it. Today a good friend of mine, Gökhan, took me to his new favorite place and that happened to be the one to make me stop delaying. Let me introduce you, “BALDIR”.
The word means “shank”. They are serving the back leg shank of beef which is cooked for 18 hours. The ones who are good with meat will understand how delicious it is with only the previous sentence, but also, that delicious meat comes with a bread which has a special recipe and design  to make your experience with Baldır better. The owner, Veli Pıtırlı, says he went to the guy who has the best bread in town and that guy designed a special bread and only writing the recipe took 20mins.. He obviously is taking his business so seriously..

They also serve very good pickles, which are known as the best of Turkey, coming from Ankara-Çubuk, and a very delicious salad which is flavored by variety of Turkish spices.

I have to warn you about something! You’ll get dirty in Baldır. Veli suggests, not only suggests, he insists on eating it with hands. You’ll undestand what I mean when I tell you that there is a board that expains how to eat it to get the best experience..:) There are 3 things that you can add on Baldır. Onions, Mushrooms and Eggs. As you can imagine I’ve tried them all and I can say that, the one that was with onion and the one with the egg were the best ones for me.

The place is not close to the center, it is more like a hidden treasure and definitely a must try!

100gr Baldır = 4,2 Euros , 250gr Baldır = 9 Euros

Adress: Barbaros Mahallesi Timur Sokak No : 2 Batı Ataşehir







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