Eating Moscow: Cafe Rulet

Before going to Moscow, I was  trying to figure out where to eat and I was a bit dissapointed with finding out that almost everywhere 4-5 same restaurants were being named. When that is the case, I have this feeling – do not eat there- so strongly! I will not name any of those here, you easily can find them with a 5 mins of a search. The place that I’ll write about is a new one, not a touristic one -for now- and not as expensive as high class restaurants of Moscow.

In the night that I was invited to cook for trendy Moscovites, I had the chance to chat with Fedor Tardatyan, famous chef in Moscow, and I asked him about Cafe Rulet if it is worth checking out. He was surprised with me mentioning that place as it is not a famous one yet and I am not a local. Well Fedor,  it is my job to find out these treasures :) When he told me that he hasn’t been there yet, but people are talking very positively about it, he believes that Cafe Rulet is doing a really good job and he will definitely go and try, I was sure that I’ve found “the spot” in Moscow.

Relaxing decoration, close to the center location, delicious food, good presentation and reasonable pricing compared to others are the goods about Cafe Rulet. Only thing I can say bad about the place was waiters that don’t speak English and one of them had a strong smoking smell on him while serving, obviously just came back from a somoking break. Strongly recommended.

  • Norvegian Trout Roll with Apple, Avocado and Lime Marshmellow
  • Duck Confit with Polenta and Dried Apricot with Truffle Foam
  • Tiramisu
  • 2 Glasses of White Wine

– 60 Euros –

Adress: Trubnaya ulitsa, 28 строение 1, Moscow / Tel:+7 495 287-07-18


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