Eating Warsaw – Butchery & Wine

I love simplicity. I had never been into so complicated plates which the chefs are trying to impress you with their “skills” .. Butchery & Wine is doing everything as it has to be, simple and clear! They know hot to cook, they use good pruducts and their service is perfect.

They have various types of steaks in their menu such as New York Steak, Rib Eye Steak, Rumb Steak from different countries such as USA,Australia and so on. And there is a board hanged on the wall to show you which part of the beef each one type is. Steaks are definetly their proficincy!

But, it was a surprise to see that they also have seafood in their menu. I surely got curious and also ordered octopus and scallops. I have to confess that I was not expecting them to be that YUMMY.

Whatever they do, They do it good!

I paid 75 Euros for

Aged beef fillet with fondant potato, spinach & truffles
Seared scallops with ‘ boudin noir ‘ & caramelized apple
Grilled octopus with black olives & roasted peppers
and 2 glasses of wine

PS: The butter and the bread!!


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