I oftenly face with the question, “how and when did this begin?”. Actually I really don’t remember , but one day I found myself watching videos for sushi recipes while I was starving for it. I watched them, went to a supermarket, did the shopping and made sushi.. With all my respect to sushi masters and the years they spend to be that, my sushi was ok for a beginner.. This sushi thing continued with other recipes and I ended up being a good one in the kitchen.

I was always passionate about good food, but for the last 5-6 years its level is a bit high.. No matter if it is street food or a 5 starred restaurant I am searching for the best food in anywhere I visit and cooking is my passion & rehab.

You will be reading things about my past, but to cut it short for now, I am a foodie who is dreaming to open his small restaurant and be the chef of his place. To make this dream come true, I am going to some cooking courses and enjoying every single moment of it :)









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