How to find your way in Moscow Metro

I couldn’t even focus  on the beauty of the Metro stations of Moscow because of the shock and the unknown that I was faced with. First read my super easy system for Moscow Metro and since you don’t need to concern about it like I did anymore, enjoy the beauty of it.




Above, you see the Moscow Metro Map in Latin Alphabet. First, print it out and keep it in your pocket in case and also download the Moscow Metro application, available both on Apple Store and Google Play. It will locate you on the map and tell you in which station you are.

Now, Let me give you an example on this map. My hostel was at Tsvetnoy Bulvar Station, which is on the gray line. So, I’ll give the example with that station. Let’s say you want to go to Sokolniki Station (Red Line) from Tsvetnoy, where you’ll find a huge park and nice ice skating area.

For that route, you need to take gray line first, then the dark green line and finally the red line. Even tough the alphabet is different, you’ll not be confused with the colors of the lines. Just follow the signs which shows you the directions for the colors.. upstairs, downstairs and such.. So, once you are on the right floor for the grey line, here comes how to choose the right train. Are you gonna get on the train which is on your right or the one on your left. Look at your map and count. On which station you are in?

As you’ll see Tsvetnoy is the  10th stop from the top of the map and 12th from the bottom, so if you wanna go up, you need to choose the side which has names of the 9 stops on its sign, and if you wanna go down, you’ll need to choose the side which has name of the 11 stops on the sign.Ok, you just found the right train, now check your map and see how many station you need to go. To reach the green line, you’ll go only one station and get off (Chekhovskaya Station). Where you get off is still the gray line, so you need to find the dark green line inside the station now. Follow the sign which is written with your color and reach your spot.

You’ll see that station colors are written in dark green if you are on the right place! Ok, now you are going to the red line. Only one station down. You are on the 9th station from the top and 12th from the bottom. Count the stations on the sign and take the train on the part with 12 stations on its sign. There you are. Now again, follow the signs with the”red” which will take you to the red line. Now you know how to choose the right train. All you need to do is to get in the train  and go to the 5th station.


20140207_182131 20140207_182123



Can you understand now which station I am at by looking to the photos above? Dark green line, station from one way and 8th from the other. Yes, you are right, I am on Mayarovskaya!

I believe this is the easisest system to use metro if you are not familiar with the Cyrillic Alphabet, at least I could manage to do it by this method. Or you can try learning it before going to Moscow. Well it is your choice.. :)


Now, enjoy the beauty..


20140207_18195920140207_175534 20140207_175556 20140204_224033 20140207_182046 20140207_175811 20140207_175828



  • Emre Ozer
    Posted at 09:43h, 27 February Reply

    Once I have lost my way inside the tunnels, not knowing how to read cyrillic! That was like a nightmare.. The only thing I experienced was the museum-like ornaments and so..

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