Introduction to Moscow Metro


Well, first I need to say that Moscow is really good with the public transport, especially with fast trains and subway. I’ve spent 7 days over there without experiencing the famous Moscow traffic, thanks to public transport.. But..yes there is a “but”! If I say that I’ve created my own system to find out how to find my way in the metro, maybe it will give you a clue about what you are going to experience..

After my arrival to  Moscow Sheremetyevo airport, I took aeroexpress, the fast train that takes you to the city, Belorussky train terminal in around 40mins. (costs 340 Rubles, one way)

I walked to the metro station with the instructions to go to my hostel in my hands. Everything was perfectly easy on the paper, but believe me it is not. When you go down the metro, you get in another world, a parallel universe.. Nothing is written in latin alphabet, station names are in cyrillic alphabet and believe me there are tons of stations and tons of lines. Green line, brown line, yellow line and so on.. Thanks god, Moscow people were totally helpful and I could make it to my hostel’s station. It took like 60-70mins to reach there. I was happy and thinking it is ok, but when I understood the metro and figured out that it takes only 15mins if you know it, I was like OMG :)

Next post will be the tips to use Moscow metro. Stay tuned..

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