It was to be a photo shooting for my portraits, and then..

“You have to have professional portrait photos Derya!”

No no, this photois not what I am gonna use for my portrait, are you crazy? :) The story and photo series follow…
I already was aware that I need to have professional photos, but I was delaying it for a long time. I have few bad quality photos that I like how I look and they are doing quite good. So it was ok to delay, right?? Since I’ve started to work with PR:Republic and since they are starting my press release in Netherlands soon, Marloes urged me to do the professional shooting.

“Ok, I will do it but when and where..?”

This is a big problem of me. I want to do better about the blog, I want to be much more organized, I have so many plans to make FoodieBackpacker better, but for all of these I need to stay somewhere for longer term and think. While I am moving this much and doing 1 dinner in almost every 3 days, it is not easy to focus the other parts..

Well, this photo shooting had to me done. My destination was Belgrade which almost is like my second home with tons of friends. I contacted my friend, Katarina who also shooted videos of my big event in Belgrade and asked her if she is free to shoot my portraits. We started chatting and the conclusion was portraits will not take much time, so why not do something artsty also. After couple of days chatting, talking about concepts and a meeting in Belgrade, I’ve left myself to her concept and to her hands.. :)

I am used to taking selfies in each city I visit. I have one look that I like and try to do in each selfie and basicly this is my relationship with posing.. I am not sure if I was an easy to work with model for the photo shooting, but I have to say that it was quite hard. I had to stand still and look cool with hot girls around me. Eeee, in bed around me…. I had to be a gentleman and not look up while they were standing on me.. Sometimes life is really tough, but I can get used to it.. :)

This was my first professional photo shooting, but not the last one for sure! I enjoyed it a lot and loved the result. I will be looking forward to the new ones. Any photographers out there? :)

Thank you Katarina!

Katarina Markovic Photography:

Models: Milica Radović, Jovan Pavlović, Nevena Kotlaja, Iva Ćetković, Nevena Spasic, Milan Nasković




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