Last Minute Decision: Rome

If you remember, I mentioned about a wonderful couple from Rome that came to EatWith me in Istanbul. Lisa & Massi. We kept in touch and one day I’ve recieved a loooong facebook msg from them asking me to cook for their wedding in Florida! Such an honour for me. Of course I said yes and we started to discuss the conditions. I ‘ve already had scheduled my next tour which was Budapest-Prague-Belgrade by then, but I still haven’t had bought the ticket, so I said to myself, wedding dinner is something serious, better go there before Budapest and talk face to face. A good reason to visit Rome one more time, isn’t it..? :)

Well we couldn’t have a deal and I am not going to Florida for the wedding, but hopefully I will cook for them in Rome. Yes, they have more than 1 weddings, actually 3!¬†¬†Lisa is from Costarica, so one over there.. Her parents are living in Florida, so another over there and lastly Massi is from Rome, so one in Rome! Crazy, ha? :)

They are getting married on 20th of August, I want to wish them the best from here.

Follow up for my Italy posts..


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