Majesty doesn’t want me in UK


I am sorry to announce that I have to cancel my London tour since my application for UK visa is refused.
Well, an invitation letter from a big company, a letter from a global brand I am working with, an official invitation email for me giving a speech at an event in a gallery and 60+ stamps on my passport were not enough evidences for how I was gonna afford my trip and also was not enough evidence for me not staying forever in London.. :)

I mean ok, London is cool for sure.. I wanted to see London Jazz Fest, I wanted to take place in Taste of London Fest and give the speech at Meal Ticket event, but cmon.. me settling somewhere? Especially settling at all year raining London? No no.. they really got me wrong.
I would love to have a 5mins chat with the decisive authority..:)

  • Cigdem Depeli
    Posted at 22:49h, 12 November Reply

    Seriously? That totally sucks!
    Hope one day you will get to visit London, it is actually an amazing city and they should be honored to have you!!!

  • Agnes van Duffelen
    Posted at 16:36h, 22 December Reply

    O.. what an embarrising outcome. Shame on you UK! Same happend with a Turkish friend of mine, businessowner with a turnover of more than a few million us dollars per year, just wanted to visit a tradeshow in Netherlands and had to undergo a full investigation and procedure etc. etc. Just for a few days in Amsterdam. Ridiculous! He was accepted but it did not felt good for him and for me as iinviting party.

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