Master Chef Restaurant : Tlusta Kaczka – Gdynia / Poland

I was in Gdansk and I did not want to be back before trying the best food in that area. Local advises, websites and so on. Even though I found it a  bit risky for such kind of restaurant naming itself the same as one of the best restaurants of the world, The Fat Duck of Chef Heston Blumenathal, it did not stop me. Final decision was Tlusta Kaczka (Fat Duck). Master Chef, Tomasz Mrozik’s innovative restaurant in Gdynia.
First of all I need to say that it is not in the city, not far away, but by the woods.
The location and the interior design matches perfectly. Also it is not one of those places that you can easily bite the meal of the guy sitting next table.. It is quite specious with reasonable distance between tables. I like that.

The service was almost excellent. Smiling faces that are taking their job seriously. Respectful but intimate. Only the negative thing I would say about it is offering a wine which they don’t have in the menu.  There are tons of examples of this trick ending with people paying 200-300 Euros for the wine that they don’t even know what it is..! I am not saying that that was their intention, but still.. I am not that rich to order a wine which is not in the menu.. :)

When it comes to the food, I am a bit confused.

1-Some were really delicious, such as the asparagus and steak but I can’t say the same thing for the hare. The acidity level of the sauce was too high for me.

2- As I told before, I like simple plates such as in Butchery & Wine. In Tlusta Kaczka, they are trying so hard to make it complicated! Check the photos and you will understand what I mean..

The overall experience for me was satisfying. Nice environment, nice decoration, good service and   good food. I believe it would be better if I chose the duck not the hare but still good food..

I paid around 95euoros for

-Potato Dumplings with Duck Meet
-White Chocolate Mousse
-1LT Wine



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