Milano: Dinner for New Girls

I usually try saving time on making researches about bloggers and media contacts in each city that I visit. I did the same for Milan and NewGirls were in front of me through couple of different resources. I checked their blog and even though I do not understand much Italian than Pizza and Pasta, they seemed cool to me.. Couple of blogger girls writing about different things such a fashion, travel and food comes together and they call theirselves NewGirls. I bookmarked the page and then sent them an email to do something together while I am in Milan. The day after I was searching for a host in Milan on CouchSurfing and I saw a profile, written “Blogger on NewGirls”, Cmoooon, wtf? you gotto me kidding me.. How many times in 2 days I can see this name. I surely sent her a msg, saying that Sara! You are meant to be my host in Milan:)

Sara is such a cool girl with a great traveling project, “Traveling Chihuahuas“. She travels with her 2 cute babies that can even fit in her bag. I don’t know which is harder, traveling with them or being stopped by people who wants to cuddle your doggies in every 10 steps..:)

Well, It was not possible her to host me since she was out of the town on my first 3 days over there, but we surely met, she gave me advices about the cool areas of the town, we had a lunch and in the end we had a  FoodieBackpacker dinner for NewGirls at her place.

Here is the link to NewGirls article :


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