Montenegro or Ukraine

When I noticed that “Bayram Holiday” in Turkey is 9 days and it is just before my Serbia and Croatia trip, I decided to go to one more place for 3-4 days before that.. As a Turkish “human being”, you don’t have much destination options for travelling to if you don’t have enough time to apply for visas. And if your intension is seaside, your options doesn’t help much.
After doing a short search, I figured out that Montenegro and Ukraine were my 2 best options.

I’ve heard that Turkish guys reputation sucked in Ukraine, – because of going most going there for sex tourism – but I was not imagining something this serious.
I checked couchsurfing-Odessa group and the first thing I saw was, 10+ threads openned by Turkish guys on the first 2 pages. Most of them was answered by one particular Turkish guy living in Odessa who is pissed off with the situtation and telling them they better go another place to find girls, Odessa is not that anymore.

Well, I had already seen enough, but just to double check, I texted a girl who is active on Odessa group and asked her the reputation of Turkish guys over there and if it is ok to come over Odessa for a solo traveler.

Her answer was:

“about reputation – it’s true, but you are Couchsurfer! And especially as you already have some references and friends on CS, i don’t think you will have problems with finding a company.”

My inner voice said:
“You better go to Budva-Montenegro Derya..” :)

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