Moscow from the Local’s eyes-1

As I always do, I did my best to get in touch with local’s from Moscow before going there. Couchsurfing and facebook are my primary tools for this, I was using one more,, but I didn’t renew my membership yet, and I am not reading good reviews about it anymore, so… whatever, for Moscow you can also add to this list.

The first thing I tell the locals is, I am not interested in any of the touristic stuff, please tell me about the local social life, and if we meet, please take me to the places that touristic bullshits did not change its spirit yet, that only/usually locals hang out. Moscow people did great on this, I had 6 great days, hanging out just like a local. Walking in the parks, drinking vodka shots, eating in places that some of them does not even have an English menu! (yaaay).





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