Moscow welcomes me

Olga, -such a great photographer and a beautiful woman- offered me to take a walk around when I asked her if there are any interesting spots to take photos. After this point was a totally surprise for both of us. She took me to take a look at a nearby yard, which is like a ghost district, but with design stores, travel agencies and cafes in. We were right in front of the entrance of the place and check what we’ve found! Almost my name painted as graffiti on the wall. D-E-R-Y!! Only the “A” at the end is missing, but it doesn’t count under these circumstances, right?? – if you are new to here,my name is Derya, nice to meet you.. –  Well, she surely took out her camera from her bag and we had a quick fashion shooting over there :)

Thanks to you Olga for these great photos. These may be the best ones I’ll ever can have :)

Ps: Take a look at her facebook page and some of her works




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