Nymphomaniac – Sex sells

I’ve never been good with long movies. To make me watch a movie more than 2,5 hours without giving a break is quite impossible. I simply can’t focus.. Lars Von Trier’s Nymphomaniac –4 hrs- could manage to be one of the few movies that I didn’t feel like leaving my seat and have a short walk. 

When my friend Kristijan told me that there will be only 1 show for Belgrade Film Festival, we both were sure that it will be sold out in few days, so we need to move fast. As expected it quickly sold out, and as expected they added 2 more shows to schedule, all sold out..

The movie itself tells about the drama of a Nymphomaniac, so it is the sex itself, but to call it a sex movie? Beyond that, calling it a porn? No way.. Well it is the way of marketing.. I mean there are really smart stories and relations with  Fibonacci numbers, theories about musical dissonance, fly-fishing and such in the movie, but would those trailers of Nymphomaniac be this much of sensational if there was a board written Fibonacci numbers on it?? A girl asking a guy “if I ask you to take my virginity, would it be a problem?” or 2 girls looking for random sex in a train is much more provocing than  Fibonacci numbers if you are not an asexual or a nerd, or both.. right? :)

Yes there are some sex scenes, there are dicks, pussies and I have to admit that from time to time I felt like a lab animal, that is being tested on which chapters will I go hard and on which I won’t, but the movie has something to tell,. It actually is a sad story and makes you think about your ethical values, the way you judge people and so on..

Here are some photos from the theatre that night



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