This is Something Unique! : Chopin Salon

Tripadvisor is one of the websites that most of the travelers check, so mine as well. It is a great source if you know what you are looking for.

I was sitting in my room in Warsaw and searching for what to do. Ok, Lets check tripadvisor Warsaw. First 10 attractions? Monuments, Old Town, Parks, Museums, Science Center!! yeah right… Scroll down a bit more and I saw this description:

“The Chopin Salon is the only place in Warsaw where you can experience regular live concerts featuring the music of Poland’s greatest composer, Frederic Chopin.In an exclusive, intimate concert hall, located in the heart of Warsaw at Smolna 14, participants have theopportunity to hear the music of Frederic Chopin and other great composers, performed by wonderfully talented, world-class musicians.The concerts are often accompanied by talks or exhibits, and guests are offered a glass of fine wine.”

Intimate concert hall, talented musicians and glass of wine were the words that immediately took me in!

Chopin Salon is a room that takes you to old times. Before the concert the owner of the place comes and starts telling stories, making jokes, introducing each guests and after a warm chat, concert starts. That day 2 talented students from Chopin Academy were playing. I must say that that was a magical 60minutes.

I dont know how much you are into classical music (I personally am not that much) ,but I totally advise anyone to experience it if in Warsaw.

Ticket: 10Euros -including a glass of wine-

Chopin Salon on Tripadvisor



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