Unexpected! Cooking for Trendy Moscovites

Before going to Moscow, I contacted with Anastasia, Ambasador of Eatwith Moscow and asked her if she would like to throw an Eatwith dinner with me while I am there. She loved the idea and started to search for a place to do it. Asking to friends, posting to facebook, but nothing! Everyone was saying they want to taste it, but noone was ok to host it. I was already in Moscow and she was still searching. 3 days passed in Moscow, still nothing.. I was meeting with new people, asking them if they can host such a dinner, but the answer was always “sorry I can’t”.
The problem  behind this is, Moscow is such an expensive  city and everyone are sharing flats, even rooms. People usually have 3-4 flatmates and it really is hard to do such an event in those flats.

It was almost weekend and  and I was enjoying walking the city with a friend when Anastasia called me and said “I’ve found a place, do you wanna cook?”. Well, ok.. but to whom and where would that be..

We were invited by a famous chef  to his studio to cook in his private party. We did the shopping and went to the place, a big table, a big kitchen and a cool interios design. That is exactly what I need in Istanbul. He is using the place for such private events, but I could easily live there.

We were on our half way on cooking when people started to come over. We were saying hi to people and I was getting more and more happy to meet with new people and had the opportunity to make them taste my food.

All ready! It was time to serve and hear what they think. Anastasia cooked a delicious Israelian style Shakshuka and I cooked our delicious, magnificent Hunkar Begendi. The comments for both were great, but what made me more happy was, everyone asked for the name of the meal, googled it and checked the recipe. This is what I call success ;)

After the dinner and a couple of wines, Anastasia told me that some of those people are familiar to her, but she has no idea from where.. Here is the funny part, she is a girl that has no tv at her place, with no interested in glamorous lives of famous people, and these people that we cooked for and toasted with happened to be some famous people of Russia..

Fedor Tardatyan-  Famous Chef in Moscow with 2 restaurants “Farmer’s dinner and Oldich Dress and Drink” and 3 kiosks in the best parks, but the others..

Dasha Malygina – top model working with Prada and a Dj..

Igor Vernik – An actor on TV and in theatre..

Ksenia Tumanova and Evgeniy Murushkin, co-founders of branch of hipster and very trendy barber shops. Ptichka for girls and Chop-Chop for boys..

+ an actress and a stylist were also in the crowd, but these are the names that I can remember after that much of wine:)

This dinner party was totally unexpected and it is one my  the best experiences about Moscow.










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