As most of you have noticed, I used the hastag ‪#‎unrushyourworld‬ during my latest Germany tour . Well, It was a warmup for a cooperation of FoodieBackpacker with Yeni Rakı which is confirmed now.
The reason why I started my journey, focusing on happiness, my way of living, the food I serve and my dinner concept of “slow food” and “sharing” match perfectly with YeniRakı’s #unrushyourworld motto.

“Let’s stop and think – what if we would take more time for things that matter? Inspirational pauses where you can look around and take it all in.”

From now on,-thanks to this cooperation-, I will be able to travel more, lower my dinner prices, reach to more people and share more with you.


#unrushyourworld ‪#‎eatwell‬‪#‎traveloften‬

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