Wonderful Family in Utrecht

All of my hosts and dinners are surely mean a lot to me, but there are some that are a bit more special which is like the one in Utrecht, Netherlands..

I had no idea I was to be cooking for such a special family dinner when Gerben contacted me. Most of my dinners are like friends gatherings and totally for fun.. But this one in Utrecht had a “meaning” for the family.

Grandpa passed away some months ago. They bought a new house for grandma. On the date they met, for saying happy new beggining to her, they went to the place in forest where grandma and grandpa used to hang out while they were young and came back home for dinner..

All I can say is I am very thankful to this wonderful family for having me on such a special day.. I will never forget this lovely and lively grandma. My eyes were a bit wet while doing a short speech..:)
Cheers to the soul of the grandpa..



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