Happily ever after (thanks to social media)

Today’s post is about social media, how important is to make connections, why not giving it a try, love, wedding and food..  It doesn’t ring much bells, right? :)

It was August 5th when I recieved a msg from an Istanbul girl, Zeynep. She was telling me that she is getting married on September 4 in Barcelona and Zeynep and Onur the groom are renting a place for their wedding dinner. She was asking me if I can go there and cook the dinner. I replied immediately asking for some details and she also replied me back immediately saying that the place they were in touch with just sent an email to her and doubled the price.
Added that she is sorry for disturbing.. Wait wait wait! This is not the end of the story for sure. She had already honored me with wanting me for their wedding dinner, so I had to help her somehow. I got all the info and asked for 24 hours to get her back.  After traveling this much, I do have tons of connection all around Europe, so I was sure that it was worth a try..  It was quicker then I expected. I got in touch with my EatWith contacts and Viola! Just in 2 hours everything was set. A great flat in a very central location with a terrace, someone to help me in the kitchen and a hostel 3mins walk from the flat.

This is not the whole story for sure. The story of their marriage is crazy! These guys met on Twitter. Onur proposed on Twitter. Zeynep said yes on Twitter. She found me through my Facebook Page, I found the flat to do the dinner through my EatWith contacts, they stayed in an AirBnb flat and they broadcasted the ceremony on Periscope.. Don’t know what to say, this really is insane..

Here are some photos from the dinner of this wonderful couple and if you want to know more about the proposal on Twitter, you can read it on this link




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